With today’s advent of the Internet and electronic commerce, the supply chain can be shortened to offer increasingly numerous and quality products at even more competitive prices when compared to traditional sales processes. The products offered by Elcommunications (ELCO GROUP), are:

  • Online sales of prototypes up to 0.50 square meters of double-sided, four layers, six layers and aluminium (available soon) standard technology (click here for standard definitions)
  • Prices/online sales of products up to 10 square meters of printed circuit standard technology (click here for standard definitions)
  • Requests for advice related to the burning of the circuit board, consulting in the implementation of electronic projects and requests for meeting with our engineers for projects in co-design
  • With maximum effectiveness, you can request a meeting with one of our staff or a conference to discuss your needs. Together we will find a solution to your problems

The ELCO GROUP, with its formidable know-how ranging from avionics to industrial electronics, has approx 500 employees worldwide and operates from Italy in all its factories: ELCO China (Foshan), ELCO PCB France (Anger), ELCO Spa (Carsoli), ELCO Crown BU (Turin), RAMAER (Helmond), each having their own productive characteristics. If we are able to satisfy the top players in the world in various fields, we feel we are also able to satisfy the online market. You will be supported by our Help Desk team during start-up to help you to ECONOMISE and SIMPLIFY this process, rendering it SAFE and efficient for your company. The following are useful documents for your evaluation: